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ThanksGiving Turkey and Ham Giveaway 2020 - Date 11/06/2020

Turkey Cartoon

Thanksgiving is on its way!! We know a lot of people have been hit hard financially through this pandemic. So, this year we will be giving away 3 - Turkeys and 3 - Hams. Rules are the same but a little different...we will post a picture online of the Turkey and Ham. You will have to guess the weight and post it on Facebook, Instagram or you can call it in!! We will post our picture on Monday. The give away will be on 18th.

Build Credit with RentTrack - Date 10/13/2020

Looking for a credit-building advantage? You’re in luck. We've recently partnered with RentTrack. With this service, residents are given the opportunity to move in a positive financial direction and get the credit they deserve for paying their rent. When you pay a small subscription fee of $6.95 each month, RentTrack will report your rent payment to all three credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.


Happy Valentine's Day!!! - Date 02/14/2020

Happy Valentine's Day!!! - Date 02/14/2020

Refer a Friend to Parque at Bellaire! - Date 01/29/2020

Having your friends and family as your neighbors AND receiving a rent credit - what could be better than that!?
If you know someone who is searching for their next home, contact the office to learn how you can receive your rent credit by referring them to live at Parque at Bellaire!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! - Date 11/27/2019

Turkey Winner

We at Parque at Bellaire are very Grateful and Thankful you chose to live with us!!  Thank you to everyone who participated in our Thanksgiving Giveaway!!  Here's this years Winner's!!

Thanksgiving Turkey and Ham Giveaway!! - Date 11/18/2019

Parque at Bellaire Apartments | Houston TX

Stop by the Office and guess the weight of the Thanksgiving Turkey & Ham!!!!

$299 Move-in Special - Date 11/07/2019

Puzzle Day - Date 09/30/2019

Thanks to all the Parents who allowed their children to participate in Puzzle Day!!

National Hot Wing Day 7/29/19 - Date 07/25/2019